Survivor weekend

Friday, April 28th

3:00 – 4:00 – Paint and sip: Have fun creating your own hand painted wine glass while sipping on complimentary wine provided by your Pine Lake activities staff. (Please purchase your paintable wine glass at the store in advance)

5:00pm Pine Lake social! come meet your neighbors while sipping on fine wine or beer and snacks, Early bird sign up for survival weekend. Come early for a chance to win clues as to the tokens ware bouts.

5:30 – Bingo!! for the whole family. $10.00 for 4 cards 100% payout! You may find the token here!

Saturday, April 29th

10:00 am – Final chance to sign up for Pine Lake Survival

10:30 – teams will be picked

11:00 – 12:00 – Let the games begin – how are your survival skills? Adults against the children!! Come outwit your parents!!!

12:00 – Lunch – the leading team will be served up Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and a drink, while the others get PB&J your choice of grape or strawberry jam!!

1:00 – The games continue!! Remember to keep your eyes open for the hidden token!!!

3:00 – The teams shall rally around the fire and offer up a trade for team members from the other side. Do you think you will have an advantage on the other team? This is where parents and children are able to join each other’s team.

4:00 – one Final game to determine the winners! Did you find the token? Can you save your team!!?

Sunday, April 30th

9:00 – 10:00 – Join us at the Nipmuc for waffles, juice and coffee

11:00 – Candy bar bingo

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